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Japan Airlines can rent you your trip fit

The airline is letting passengers rent clothes on arrival to Japan to encourage them to travel light. ( More...

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Rick D 5
Someone presented this as a business plan on Shark Tank several years ago.
George Stroe 1
sorry no, you can keep the clothes
Bandrunner 1
I can just imagine the cock-ups.
Getting issued with clothes that are five sizes too big or small, getting into a swapping scrummage on the arrivals lounge, and out-bidding each other for Hawaiian shirts that fit, along with business shoes.
Jason Riddell 1
interesting concept and for "business class" I can see some VALUE
for me I would rather take my comfortable clothing I know fits
Michael Dealey 0
Another step toward "You'll own nothing and be happy" for the sake of a non-existent problem.
dee9bee -3
Technical FlightAware question : Who gets to cross out text in a particular article, the Poster or otherwise? That being said, the portion crossed out WAS inappropriate in the article.

srobak 4
That has nothing to do with FA. The article is at - FA user Lindsay Laird simply posted a link to it.
jlaico1 1
That wasn’t FA it was the author of the article


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