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Thermal testing for NASA X-57 electric plane before first flight

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell all-electric aircraft reached another milestone recently toward its first flight with the successful thermal testing of its cruise motor controllers. ( More...

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jeff creek 4
WOW linnb just waiting for your negative bashing!
linbb 0
Ok so what is the up side so far? Any payload left in it or is this just another hope it works deal? Not much so far with electric AC in the way of payload but always the hype wait until batteries get lighter. So far EVs are sort of working range being a huge problem due to their weight just like AC has. Its nice to test something but putting it into use so far is a problem due to two things, Range and Payload. NOT BASHING just pointing out things. The guss call it the Flying Cigar with windows in Moses Lake finally flew but nothing more since the ONE test flight.
jeff creek 1
Remember the Wright's started out with man less and payload less gliders and see what that start lead too. All R&D starts with no immediate payoff. Refine the tech and wait for the hydrogen power to come online. All will use electric Moters.


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