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Boeing 747-8 goes on Roller coaster/Weightless Flight (Video)

Flight loads survey is often compared to a roller coaster ride because of the extreme up and down maneuvers that result in moments of weightlessness inside the cabin. The Boeing 747-8 Freighter recently completed its flight loads survey testing, which is designed to validate the airframe's structural capability. ( Ещё...

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mark tufts 0
totally awesome even for a test flight
kevin swiss 0
this looks like the track log...

No thanks!!
kevin swiss 0
and this one as well...
andy streit 0
Does anyone know if that girl with her back turned to the camera is single? she looks pretty cute from the "rear."
Toby Sharp 0
Luke Gancarz 0
I would stay away from this sort of tests...
Randy Michel 0
David Stark 0
Evidently they are very confident of the aircraft when they do this test. I didn't see anyone with a parachute strapped on. If the wing root fails, the g-forces inside the plane would make it very difficult to locate and put on jump gear.
Matthew Michael 0
Video: Good. Simulator Graphic Depiction: Really?.
curtiss baker 0


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