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Should Air Shows be Put to Pasture ?

In Ask the Pilot: Daredevil Debacles. The tragedy in Texas makes us ask: has the time come to put an end to air shows? ( More...

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Highflyer1950 7
I’d be more interested in who was flying the P-63 and why he thought it was such a good idea to mix such a differential in speed & direction of flight? Usually in professional air demonstrations, these air maneuvers are well planned in advance and practiced thoroughly. If so, a demonstration plan would be on paper somewhere. If not, I may have to agree with Patrick.
linbb -1
Well gee it does kind of finish off the stupid and already posted comments of this forum so far today. Tom Novak reposted two that are very old on here and some twit reposted that the B17 had crashed. Too bad this really used to have quality posts years back that kind of stopped about the same time Preacher passed.
bentwing60 1
I must confess linbb, your comments were no better perceived back then than they are now! You can count can't you, as in downvotes. What's a troll do? Sully it all!

As to HF's comment, the more intellectual side, the P63 pilot unfortunately seemed totally off script with the other fighter escort breaks that completely took the B-17 out of their picture and flight path.

To quote "Chuck Noland", (Tom Hanks), in 'Cast Away', "I don't know why"! And we never will.
Dustin Kempf 1
No they should not.!


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