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Plane swap stunt ends in crash over Arizona after feds denied initial safety exemption request

"Plane Swap has been a year in the making with hours and hours put in by Luke, Andy, Paulo and Aaron Fitzgerald the Aerial Coordinator to ensure the plan goes off without a hitch." Sure guys. ( Ещё...

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Torsten Hoff 5
Do we know for a fact that Trevor Jacob wasn't involved?
victorbravo77 3
Stunt. Heck with regulations, from what I hear. The FAA denied an application. At the very least I'm glad they're all safe. They took all precautions after a serious engineering flight review - except the part where it didn't work. And did you see those deployable speed brakes??

Red Bull once again fuels the 'cutting edge' of absurdity. When did Red Bull win a Collier trophy??
bentwing60 1
Few here even know what a "Collier trophy" represents, and never! Jackie Cochran and the WASPS of WWII should have received one and Jackie, standing alone, as the first 'Girl' to show the guys that they could fly anything as well!

Fortunately 'woke' had not arrived when the A-list Queen of lets crash an airplane "Amelia" fed the fish in the pacific along with 'I'll buy the first round' Noonan, or they might have been rewarded for 'Almost". The times they are a changin'.

If you don't believe it, where do you think all this insanity originates, the gopro camera, jackass
ADXbear 1
There goes there license and a few bucks lighter in the wallet


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