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The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum will close for at least six months in 2022

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum hasn't been open much since the pandemic started, but it's already poised to shut its doors again — if for more positive reasons. The Washington Post reports the Smithsonian is closing its flagship National Mall building for at least six months of renovations starting March 28th, 2022. The move will maintain the "continued safety" of visitors while the museum finishes work on its first new west wing galleries. The closure is part of the… ( Ещё...

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Richard Dixon 7
Their Udvar-Hazy museum at Dulles Airport is fantastic and one of my favorite aircraft museums. It ranks as a must see place for aviation folks.
srobak 5
That's dumb. Shoulda done it last year, or else do it in sections so as not to stop people from being able to enjoy it.
Tim Segulin 4
Last time I was there I think I spent 2-3 days in the NASM in the Mall and 4 days at their Udvar-Hazy hangar. Absolutely fascinating, although I wish they would finally get around to restoring the Horten Go-229.
Jim Welch 1
Visiting there is on my Bucket List!
I think everyone I know (in aviation) has been there, except me. 😢
sharon bias 1
This was just published yesterday. It's about all the museums in DC being at risk for flooding. Let's hope they fix this one to avoid flooding while they have it torn apart. You may need to set-up a free login to access this article.
Tim Segulin 2
Just read it.
The Smithsonian is an American and a global treasure.
Forget Xi and Putin - this is serious!
Joe Keifer 1
Udvar-Hazy or the one downtown?
Ricky Brown 1
It’s right in the summary… The National Mall building.
robert anderson 1
ditto to richard dixon! Udvar Hazy WELL WORTH the troublesome drive in !
David White 1
Visited yesterday and half the building is already closed 😕


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