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Mammoth Freighters invests in aerospace firm to jump-start 777 conversions

A new engineering firm with big financial backers has bought an MRO facility so it can begin cutting 777s into cargo configuration. ( Ещё...

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pilotjag 5
It's great to see these retired/stored 777s getting a new lease on life in the 2nd hand market instead of being scrapped entirely. Wish Mammoth the best in their venture!
Eric Kulisch 4
Liked your response. Thanks for reading. Air cargo folks love the 777s in passenger or cargo configuration b/c they can carry a lot of freight and are pretty efficient.
JJ Johnson 4
I was on Forest Service FEMA team responding down to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria on a Delta 777 out of my home base in Atlanta

Have not flown a 777 since and Delta retired theirs. If I just knew that would be the last flight I would take probably ever on a 777. Ironic it was full of Federal emergency response folks.
W B johnson 2
What's with the vertical stabilizer in the picture? It looks shorter than the rudder (?)


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