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United’s CEO Explains His Thoughts On Mandatory Vaccinations

“It will just become what is expected and what most companies do. Once the ball gets rolling, it’s going to roll all the way to the bottom.” ( More...

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Dan Grelinger 2
What could be more personal than deciding what to inject into your own body. An employer demanding that employees submit to an injection into their bodies of any substance is a huge step down the path of total surrender of personal rights.
So very true, sir.
patrick baker 1
rights, rights, rights- what about the obligation each of us has to not spread a virus while regally exercising personal rights? Stop signs, not driving drunk, wearing seat belts- these are just a few social agreements we all must follow to prevent needless deaths and injuries. With this wildfire of evolving viruses, with the blatent ignorance of the vocal rights group in scientific ignorance, i would not be shocked if and when anyone not vacinated is confined and quaranteened at home or some other safe place, so that the rest of us not be injured or be caused to die from the next evolving virus mutation. How about the right to live free of transmitted viruses?
Dan Grelinger 2
No matter how long you have been on this planet, you have risked killing someone every time you left your house. Whether through inattentive driving, spreading the traditional flu, (millions have died from 'normal' flu before COVID reared its ugly head.

Were you advocating for tyranny over individuals to prevent those deaths? Assuming that there is no evidence you have, then why did so care so little about your fellow man then?

Individual rights are fundamental. When you strip them, for whatever reason, you become a tyrant. I am against tyranny.


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