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Malta refusing to return Libyan fighter jets

VALLETTA, Malta — Malta said Tuesday it was refusing to return two Libyan fighter jets that landed on the island last week after their pilots defected. ( More...

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mark tufts 0
malta oing the righ thing by going with the united nations with the embargo
Dick Powell 0
Too bad more didn't go to Malta.
freelunch 0
They will end up in a museum no doubt.
Good for Malta, my hats off to them.
Any update on Libyan air force pilots who requested political asylum but were initially denied?
Hats off to Malta, yup. But send the planes to Israel! They are going to need them (with friends like us, the US)!
Ken Martin 0
Well done Malta, you Keep the planes,Scrap or burn them but do not give them back to that murdering scum to kill his own people.


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