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American Airlines Welcomes Customers To The New Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport

American Airlines welcomes customers to the new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport this week. The new state-of-the-art Arrivals and Departures halls will boast a more comforting experience for customers and upgraded workspace for AA New York team members. ( Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 4
from the pictures it looks like a beautifully conceived facility..i wish them well..hopefully the passennger loads will pick up soon..
Flightag News 2
It does look like a beautiful terminal. Yes, we do need air travel to pickup very soon!
Scott Smith 4
I imagine there will be more sanity around the airport with this construction’s been a years-long challenge.
terry gersdorf 2
Best employee cafeteria in the system with the exception of the LAX food truck New Terminal looks great. Just hope the TSA was replaced with contract screeners.
Robert Cowling 1
Wasn't Delta doing some renovations too? Plus runway work as well. The last time I was there, it took three hours+ to get to the hotel! It was somewhat quicker leaving, thank Ford...

Delta's 'food court' is pretty awesome.
Flightag News 2
Yes, Delta did some major overhaul that went "live" back in October, 2019.


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