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The Boeing 777X completes first Takeoff

The brand new Boeing 777X took off from Paine Field (KPAE) around 1810Z. It is airborne as this time. ( Ещё...

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Thomas Frisch 5
and what about the landing?
Thomas Schneider 3
Thomas Frisch 3
Daniel Gless 2
Bill Harris 4
Apparently accompanied by one of Boeing's T-33s for the final portion of it's flight, which looks like the obligatory photo run around Mt Rainier:
linbb -1
As far as I know its the only one they have also they used to have an F86 years back. When they were doing flight test using Moses Lake AB was when I, at 6ys old saw it flying off the first B52s wing. I also knew the FAA pilot who was qualified in both when I was working in Seattle. The first B52 had a B47 style canopy just an FYI.
Bill Harris 1
Boeing has a T-33 registered as N416X. It was in the air recently:
linbb -1
They both were kept at BFI on the north west ramp where they also had the prototype AC parked. To see the -80 with a rear fuse engine mounted or the SST nose needle on it were quite a sight.
mbrews 3
- Yes, Flight Aware shows that it's airborne from KPAE on 25 Jan 2020. registration number is N779XW
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 1
Happy for my favourite Boeing aircraft, the 777!! Can't wait to fly the 777X.
EliteAirInc 1
Is it missing the red beacon on top?
jcinnb 1
Of course the first team was in the seats, but that first landing was smooth as butter!
Daniel Gless 1
Smooth as a gravy sandwich....said Dundee.
SmokedChops 1
The howl of those massive GE's is reminiscent of the old TF-39's. Very. Cool. I hope these birds have a long prosperous and uneventful career.
Parker Sutton 1
Parakulam Seshadri 1
Beautiful aircraft. Such a joy to see it fly. I loved its folding wings. I hope the folding wings will not fail during flight
shrudini 0
Tom Pera 0
fun to watch... not too many changes on this?? hopefully uneventful test and in service
Robert Artac 0
Robert Cowling 0
It's weird to see the data from the test flight. A bunch of 'over/unders'. It looks odd, but it's part of the test. Do they wear parachutes? Is there a way out if it goes, literally, sideways?

It has to be a rush. Wow...
James Fraser 0
that gorgeous wing span with the elongated fuselage with those GE 9X engines...what a beautiful aircraft!
Jaime Terrassa 0
I would like to see the seating arrangements I will stay with airbus
Philip Lanum 2
The airlines determine the seating arrangements not the airframe manufactures.


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