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Why FCC Chairman Pai won't allow internet voice calls on airplanes

According to CNN, there is one thing that prevents most airlines from allowing passengers to use their phones to make calls during a flight ( Ещё...

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Larry White 2
DOH!!! Question: How the heck did people survive before the 'cell phone age'?? Answer,, they used a telephone at the airport or when they got home or to their businesses. DOH!! What is this so-called 'constant-contact' mind-set of late?? For the past 10 yrs when I fly the 'un-friendly sky's, click click clicking and yap yap yapping as soon as a/c lands. Even before the FAs make their announcement to the affect cell phones and other electronic devices may be used, and our gate & baggage claim number. I'm done,, off to DFW where the holiday rush is happening for a flat to family/friends at IAH and Galveston Island to sip some margaritas or whatever. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a better New Year.


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