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Amazing Plane Landing Caught on Video

A commercial plane with gear problems lands in a shower of sparks. Clear weather helped the pilot to land safely. ( More...

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steve elliott 0
After several attempts to view this "Amazing Plane Landing", I am "going missed". I'd liked to have seen something amazing this early in the morning. Guess I'll view the "World War II Bummer (Bomber) found on the Moon" feature instead. Sounds like a good 600 & 2 alt. with reserves to me.
Bottums up.
steve elliott 0
Got it now. Good work Boys.

Wonder if this was "Hero" Pilot Capt. Jack Conroy?

Keep 'em Flying.
where was it???
Ramon Sanchez 0
hum ...looked to be an MD-80 but i do find it funny that the gear doors did not close. well at lest no one was hurt ....and all and all that just looked like a normal landing to me ....other then the occasional sparks.
vincentvan 0
it looks like a Delta MD 80 series...I don't know where it is however, an educated guess could be ATL..
thats wht the sparks were from, the gear door and it looked like a DC-9-50. It could be at DTW of MSP too.
spea0037 0
It was DL1609 ATL to LIT on 1/19/11.
Justin Bradley 0
steven meyer 0
Well, I am going missed as well-ZERO vis.
Steve Pusey 0
Douglas designed the DC-9 landing gear doors with a skid pad so if the valve that closes the doors malfunctions, little damage is sustained. I had this happen once during the years I flew the DC-9, and it happened to be -50 like this one. Lots of sparks at night, and it looks pretty spectacular to the non-pilot, but really not a serious incident.
sparkie624 0
As a mechanic, where is the news! Wow, all this does is to display distrust in the airline industry. Like stated, it looks spactacular to the unknown, but really, where is the news here. The plane may have taken a delay or cancellation, but no one was hurt or killed.
chalet 0
This feat only shows for the thousand time that the quality of the U.S. commercial pilots is miles above that of their peers elsewhere around the world.
cfiia1 0
Good for a non-event. Good workaround by the designers but poor design to not have operational redundancy on the gear doors. I watched a B-52D come in trailing flames at night and the crew hurriedly evacuating their bird after a safe landing as a constant speed alternator drive made of Al/Mg merrily burned away, dripping molten metal on the runway. Fire crews saved the bird (and, I understand a redesign was in the works when I left that station.) But, as it had happened more than several times on the D model, no-one seemed especially upset, except that crew!!! (Wurtsmith, 1962)
chalet 0
Can Flightaware or any blogger pull up the discussions related to the two Navy H-60s helicopters that were caught hot-dogging in Lake Tahoe sometime in late Summer of 2010. Thank you.
Would like to see the after action pics and read the NSTB report- the C-9 has one heck of a safety record-I worked on them back in the 70's
Ken Martin 0
All I can say is the pilot done a remarkable job bringing that plane down safely
well done, he disevers a medal.even if it his job
Carl Staib 0
So sorry about my ignorance but what happened here? Many questions but only one answer.
markaz 0
toolguy105 0
Funny this past Wednesday evening a DELTA DC9 took off and returned to BWI when they could not raise the nose gear. Turned out that the doors would not open to allow the gear to retract. A door strut and cable had broken. One wonders if it is the same aircraft. A check of the aircraft registration number shows the plane to be the oldest DC9 in Deltas fleet one that came over from Northwest.
vincentvan 0
it was DL1609 on 1/19. FlightAware lists it as an MD-88
toolguy105 0
Thanks, the news reports had it as a DC9
Brian Henry 0
Let’s stop exaggerating our comments and diluting the message - a more appropriate headline/caption for this video would have been: "Skilled Captain pulls off smooth landing with gear issue – see sparks" - otherwise it’s just a big over-rated Yawn.
markaz 0


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