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Passengers Banned From Drinking on UK Flights

In an effort to combat the number of disruptive incidents in the cabin, travelers will now no longer be able to consume their duty-free alcohol while flying. This new ruling has been introduced from World Duty Free and will see spirits and alcohol placed in sealed bags that cannot be easily opened. ( Ещё...

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Cansojr 2
Nothing like a good old fashioned brawl in the cabin to get your blood pumping.
Cansojr 1
Seriously this behaviour underlies the problem of serving too much alcohol. It turns passengers away from that carrier again from that carrier. One last note.
It's bad for aviation anyway you look at this growing problem.
Viv Pike 4
This is not about "serving too much alcohol", as you put it. This is about folk who purchase a bottle at the duty-free shops before boarding, and then drinking that bought bottle on the plane during the flight.
RECOR10 -1
You wussies! You want some fun with drunks? Try to manage check in in a cruise ship where folks wont be sober again for about a week!
belzybob 1
Since when does a retail organization make 'rules'?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Steve Collier 2
Remember, Taylor, self defense IS illegal in her majesty's fiefdom... so are guns, knives, screwdrivers, scissors and any irher object that can be used to stop an attack.
Heh, that is why I moved to a state where the leaders have read the actual Constitution. We dont wonder who is 'carrying' at WalMart, we know most of the folks are :-)


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