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Trump to nominate ex-Delta pilot Steve Dickson as FAA head

With the Federal Aviation Administration facing mounting scrutiny domestically and overseas, the White House said it plans to nominate Steve Dickson, a former senior Delta Air Lines official, as permanent head of the agency. The pick comes as the FAA is struggling to regain its footing after two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX jetliners within five months, tragedies that have prompted questions about the agency’s safety approvals of the models. Dickson couldn’t immediately be reached for… ( Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 4
if you read mr dicksons credentials/resume,he appears to be more than qualified to head the faa..what matters in the job is the ability to work and understand the needs of the airlines and those who fly across the board,and be able to assure the safety and reliability of aircraft..he already has stated his opinons on the air traffic control system,which is to keep it as it is with improvement, and not use private contractors..i wish him well..

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siriusloon 9
Doesn't matter how qualified he is if the FAA isn't given the budget and the authority to do its job independently of the manufacturers and airlines. Without that, anyone could fill the position. I wish him all the success in the world, but he needs a lot of help to be effective.
siriusloon 3
Was his first choice (his former personal pilot) unable to get time off from his new job at McDonalds?
sparkie624 2
Carol Reynolds 1
So disrespectful....people lost their lives.
Robert Carr -1
Did his first pick from FOX news turn him down?


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