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Smoking caused crash in Bangla

It is being reported that the us-Bangla crash last March was due to the pic smoking during the flight!! Could smoking really have caused the accident?? (www.airlive.net) Ещё...

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william baker 3
And for clearfication the flight crashed in Nepal in India not in Bangla. The airport was Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport.
linbb 1
Funny the report on another site Flightaware was the pilot was not up to speed according to the official report and copilot was very new had never been in there before. Also pilot was release from the service due to depression but deemed fit for civil flight. He was also having personal problems related to his job.

Oh yes he was smoking which had zero to do with things.
ffrcobra1 0
Apparently they couldn’t figure out why it crashed, but they did figure out that the pilot was smoking. And then their non-scientific thought process kicked in: “The pilot wasn’t supposed to smoke, but he did. The plane wasn’t suppose to crash, but it did. Therefore, the pilot must have caused the crash by smoking.” Never mind that 40 years ago smoking in the cockpit, all over the world, was about as common as switches in the cockpit. Never let the facts get in the way of an investigation when you need to blame someone.
linbb 0
They did look at my post above that is the official report on Flight Aware so move on.
Kenneth Schmidt -1
Who or what wrote this article? I cannot see where there is any credible evidence that smoking caused anything (other than stinking up the cockpit). The flight landed in Nepal, not Bangla (Bengal). It appears this was written or translated by someone who did not have a firm grasp of the English language.

I actually got the real story from a credible source, thanks to the BBC. In the future, any squawk with a source of Airlive.net will be ignored.
Colton Fletcher 2


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