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Plane slides into snowbank during takeoff

FORT WAYNE (WTHR) - A Delta flight taking off from Fort Wayne International Airport slid into a snowbank Tuesday night. ( Ещё...

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ellis chernoff 10
Poor headline. The words used to lead the report give impression the plane was at high speed on a runway. In truth, the airplane was on a taxiway on the way to the runway prior to departure. Big difference.
sparkie624 6
Thanks for the clarification.... Of course the media has to sensationalize... That is how they make their money, even if they are lying...
Pileits 5
What you mean the press might actually make up stories, I'm crushed!
sharon bias 2
Sounds like an opportunity for someone to develop paint that repels ice.
william baker 1
Cansojr 1
A year ago a Cargojet Canada slid into the terminal building in St. John's Nfld. In strong winds and icy conditions. Captain Crunch could not live his new apellation down.
Shenghao Han 1
All we need is American Airlines to have a bit taxi way excursion as well.
sparkie624 1
Not good..> This one on SkyWest (CRJ 200)- Glad no one was hurt. Plane scheduled from FWA to ATL
a320cap 1
So why is Delta getting the bad press for a Sky West mishap????
Shenghao Han 2
Cus they are using Delta’s liverly and tail logo
sparkie624 1
In the real world, the public thinks that All Delta Planes are flown owned and flown by Delta... Most of what they see is a Big Flag on the Tail with a huge name on the side.... Very few look at the little logo on the side of the plane that says who it belongs to...
bartmiller 0
Saw the old small Air Force 1 (DC-8) with Clinton aboard do the same at KCMI.

Slowed down traffic for the rest of us.

ToddBaldwin3 1
Sort of. The aircraft, a Boeing 707 airframe (USAF VC-137C) didn't quite make a turn and the right main got stuck in the mud.


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