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United is Focusing on revenue to give it an edge over competition

Looking for a cheap summer flight. You may not be able to find it on united airlines. At least not as of yet as they are looking to increase there revenue and profit. (skift.com) Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 2
changing time of flights,route structures where regionals are moved to different places,and changing the fare structure are neither new nor innovative ideas..the airlines have done that for years..as a matter of fact,several years back American had a big disagreement with the pilots union over transferring a number of flights and routes to the regional affiliates under the american eagle name..a lot of cities and towns were not happy either as they wanted to keep the larger jets..it was eventually worked out,but the regionals did take over some routes anyway..they will find,as always, people have to fly some places, so even if ticket prices are higher,they will pay for a ticket..most passengers prefer a flight at "bank times", rather than 5 am or 10 pm,and the airlines have also dealt with those changes in the past....


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