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TSA embraces new medical notification cards

Following a highly publicized incident in which an air passenger with a medical condition was put through a humiliating pat-down, the Transportation Security Administration has embraced a new medical notification card that fliers can present to airport security screeners. The new cards do not exempt a passenger from screening, but they do provide a way to discreetly inform and alert a security officer about a health issue, disability or medical device that may affect screening. ( Ещё...

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Mark Duell 0
Notification was not the problem.
Chip Hermes 0
I am allergic to stupidity.
Joseph Glogowski 0
Gene spanos 0
I have a medical alert card as well that was issued by both of my Dr's aler ting all screeners of my pros knee and now shoulder. Give these folks a break.
SF Johannsen 0
Has Saturday Night Live done any skits lately about these TSA officers? They have made fun of almost everyone else...
SF Johannsen 0
....TSA office or training school....
private one 0
I just flew from Florida to Ohio today and TSA neither took a porno picture of me nor got their jollies by groping me. However, it was 6am....their coffee probably hadn't kicked in yet.
Paul Slonaker 0
I have no use for the TSA people, but if I fly and they touch "MY JUNK"...I will file a sexual assault complaint against whoever is doing the grouping with the local police department. I strongly recommend that everone else do the same...several thousand sexual assaults complaints might be enough to get them to pull their heads out of their asses.
turtle0221 0
I am not a frequent flier but as I watch terrorist activities I have to ask where do we draw the line on trying to prevent them from blowing up airplanes? They've hidden explosive devices in shoes, underware, bras, prostectic devices, wheelchairs and any other place they think might not get checked.
So as I don't agree or disagree with the processes used I just ask where do we feel safe stopping? Go back to no security? X-ray bags only? take shoes off or not? Let anyone with a card from the Dr. go unscreened?
The bottom line is I know I'm not a danger but I don't know any of the other millions of travelers or if they are a danger so I would ask that I not be screened but make sure you screen everyone else.
marc getty 0
I am a cancer survivor, with the ostomy pouch solution. It is an interesting conundrum. The pouch is not a threat, but anyone can wear one and color the contents yellow. Two such people on a plane could pose a threat. So how do we get these TSA people to recognize the valid medical users, and find the ones using the ostomy pouch loophole for their own purposes. Education and a certain amount of sensitivity would suffice, but there seem to be a significant number of TSA personnel who are not interested in the experience of the passenger.
My suggestion would be to restrict such pouch wearers to the same standards as the rest of the passengers, IE: go thru the screening with less than the allowed amount of fluid in the pouch as TSA allows to be carried on board in other forms like mouthwash or water bottles. Ostomates are past masters on hydration control and can easily match a standard if one is established.


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