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Boeing builds the 787th 787

Charleston - Boeing has begun the final assembly of the 787th Dreamliner. The aircraft is being built for China Southern Airlines. This symbolic milestone displays the tremendous commercial success achieved by Boeing's most modern widebody airliner. ( Ещё...

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John Wyer 13
Time really flies (if you'll pardon the pun). It wasn't so long ago they Boeing were struggling to get the aircraft flyable. With all the delays and other problems that were experienced, it is gratifying to see that Boeing's persistence paid off and the world has a truly remarkable aircraft.
kyle1234 14
That's insane! I feel like just yesterday I was watching the delivery flight of the first one to ANA.
Ray Toews 2
Imagine the amount of STUFF has to come in the back door to produce that many airplanes. That is manufacturing capability. No country in the world can match that.
Kevin Haiduk 1
Wow - I would have been impressed with the 777th 777. I didn't realize how many.
30west 5
Boeing has built 1,571 of the 777's through September 2018.

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Sheena Miller 8
Final assembly of that airframe, noit the series of course. Standard terminology. Not misleading! :)


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