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Airbus, Boeing Gain More Than 960 Aircraft Orders at Farnborough

The world’s commercial aircraft duopoly once again scored big at an otherwise lackluster Farnborough Air Show with Airbus and Boeing announcing firm net orders and commitments for more than 960 aircraft, valued at $160 billion at list prices. ( Ещё...

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30west 1
According to the article....Boeing 531 orders.....Airbus 431 orders (includes about 60 Bombardier Cseries now carrying the Airbus moniker.
indy2001 1
I read somewhere - I wish I could find the article again - that Boeing aircraft account for 98% of all active freighters worldwide. (To be fair, that count included DC-10s and MD-11s as Boeings.) Even if the disparity isn't quite that high, Airbus' freighter numbers are pitiful. So it amazes me that Airbus has only one marketable general-purpose freighter (A330-200F, with 0 orders at Farnborough) to counter Boeing's several new and refurbished models. Airbus' reply, according to this article is "We are looking at that [segment] to ensure that there is a little more competition in the future." Ya think?
bentwing60 1
Nobody beats the Ruskies on the heaviest hauler though, a Fleet of one AN 225! LOL


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