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Air China 737 descends when pilots smoke in cockpit

"Chinese state media outlets reported the cockpit crew were smoking in violation of aviation regulations, and caused the loss of cabin pressure and drop in altitude when they mistook two switches as air recycling fans and turned them off." ( Ещё...

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Highflyer1950 1
Well, if you shut off the packs the cabin will definitely climb like a homesick angel!!!!! I’m guessing here but if they took more than two minutes to figure out what they intentionally did wrong, the masks would have deployed. Most crews would have just turned the packs back on, but you need one hand for the cigarette and one for the lighter while the other guy gives instructions!!!!! ooops
jas32 1
For some reason, why am I not surprised this happened to a Chinese airline? And then I wonder how long has this pilot been doing this?
Larry Marting 1
That's an airline I won't choose.


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