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Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast

A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS's cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile. ( Ещё...

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liembo 0
I'm fairly certain it was AWE808. I used FA data to narrow it down to two possibilities, both originating in PHNL: AWE808 and UPS902, both at the right altitude at approximately the right time.

As I was researching, I found that AWE808 was at the same position as yesterday when it would have been right, and I immediately checked a Newport Beach webcam and saw almost an identical contrail effect!

I'm 80% certain AWE808 is the culprit.

There's a few minutes of uncertainty involved, but it looks pretty clear to me.
Joe Serdynski 0
Same thing happened to me after 9-11, a co-worker looked up in the sky and pronounce how the airliner was climbing really fast from the horizon. I told him that's alright, it will be diving pretty fast at the other horizon . . . Flat Worlders!
Landis Bennett 0
Nice detective work liembo! I was fairly certain it was a normal airliner contrail, but you've taken it to a whole 'nother level.
vincentvan 0
Well, not surprizingly the newwires hvae picked up on the nice detective work by liembo!! Link below:
mparso 0
Regarding "AWE808 and UPS902, both at the right altitude at approximately the right time."
OK, so why are there not 2 contrails? I've seen my share of contrails over the UK and US in my time and I'm not on board with you guys just yet. Also, on the last few frames there seems to be a flame at the source? Last time I heard of a flame coming out of a 757 it was a freshly hung engine at first start. Not wanting a urinating contest, but I just dont see a contrail... where was the helo at the time?
klimchuk 0
If it was an airplane why it did not happen before? I don't think an airplane can be mistakenly identified as a missile either. Unless it's very special kind of airplane never seen before (secret yet).
Dot Bliss 0
In 2006, a Wallops rocket was launched on the US East Coast and was seen all the way in Ohio. The link to the story on the news webpage is no longer accurate but from this link, you will see that similar sighting was reported.
vsolo 0
This explains it all. "the reporter followed it for 10 minutes" let's see a missile flies at 12000 mph, so in 10 minutes it should cover humm 3000 miles. Why does a comedy show have the best data.
klimchuk 0
1) Not every missile flies 12000mph
2) Even for 10 mins 12000/6 = 2000 miles (not 3000)
3) Why laugh on everything considered as smart move?
vsolo 0
you did not watch the video did you... :)
vsolo 0
you did not watch the video did you... :)
vsolo 0
whoops did not mean to double post..
Christopher Trice 0
I was in Southern California in October/November 2005, specifically Norwalk, CA, and observed a very similar event. It was probably 7-8 PM, dusk, but more on the dark side of dusk. The moon was very bright, and lit the contrails of whatever it was. I stood in a parking lot and watched for a few minutes a very similar phenomenom. At least one other person watched it as well as we questioned each other about what it was. I never saw anything in the news about it, though.

I haven't seen anything like it since then until now. And what I see now vividly reminds me of the event I witnessed in 2005.
JOhn LEe 0
If an airliner wouldn't the FAA have a record?
vsolo 0
Yes, but they never asked the FAA, watch the John Stewart video. This was a non issue & all made up by the news media.
The guy who made the video said he follow the "missile" ie the plane for 10 minutes. if it was a missile in 10 minutes it would have traveled 2000 to 3000 miles. but instead of taking the time to be sensible the idiots made something out of nothing.
So the idiots spend all the time calling everyone & their sister asking rather than being logical. Ie how high up was the helicopter, why did he follow it for 10 minutes ? and then show 15 seconds of video. How come no one else had a video if it ?

@JOnn LEe I think liembo had it right on the second post. Yet there are 6 people who question his logic, with was right.

And at the end of the John Stewart video did the news agencies oops we were idiots, NO they blame the military because they called them to ask about wild goose chase.
Karl Scribner 0
How easily fooled we are, I see the same type contrails very often here in mid Michigan at sunset as we are in a direct flight path used by comm'l ac.
JOhn LEe 0
Thanks for clearing that up


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