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OPINION: Light Needs Shining On Other Aspects of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

While walking along a street one evening, so an old story goes, a police officer noticed a man crouched under a street lamp, scrutinising the ground. When the officer asked whether the man had lost something, he replied that he was searching for his house keys. ( Ещё...

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David Ingram 2
Just as in the Las Vegas shooting, our minds almost scream for logical answers. Something we can fix. Please don't Ho Hum this or any other loss of life.
ffrcobra1 2
Well, I see the problem. The acticle refers to "the expanse of the Pacific", and everyone has been looking in the Indian.
mister wallace -1
Yes, another well researched in-depth article by a hack who doesn't have any idea what he/she is talking about. Why not the Southern Ocean or Baltic? Obviously nobody with any editorial skills at FlightAware (sic) read this piece of polyfilla.
“Big water” should cover it.
bbabis 1
If they want to shine the light somewhere, shine it on technology advancement. Something like a wide area aluminum detector. Until then, all there is is luck.
linbb -5
Ho hum, give it a rest and move forward enough money and print has been spent.
Randall Kimm 1
Hi Mr.linbb,I think your opinion although sounding harsh now...really is the best course to pursue. I realize these poor families want closure. I am afraid some things in this life are just not attainable. Face it critical months were wasted searching the wrong part of the Pacific. Nonetheless, there was substantial push-back by Malaysian Airlines and a quasi corrupt government impairing every step of the way. The Captains home flight simulator had the data we needed from the start but was curiously dismissed all too frequently. In any tragedy you look at the Captain and Crew. The Captain' investigation always seemed to get slouched off until the likelihood of finding an intact aircraft became more remote...intentionally. A friend of mine from Malaysia explained that there is an enormous amount of cultural shame to the point it looks like conspiracy when it is extreme cultural shame and logically from an investigation standpoint, the worst course to pursue.


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