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Reports: World-Famous ST. Martin airport damaged by Hurricane Irma

SXM airport wasn't destroyed...but doesn't look good either. ( Ещё...

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Lance R 6
The airport is on St. Maarten (Dutch side), not St. Martin (French side)
Amparo Rodriguez 2
It's amazing....Thanks God nothing worse happen.
Bill Butler 1
Can't close something that isn't there :)

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btweston 10
Hopefully the beach is still there.
And take a financial hit? Ignorant. They need to charge for entry maybe...if someone goes and wins a Darwin Award, so be it. Lets hope they do it before they breed.
Peter Maas 6
you do not know the DUTCH. They will blow sand back onto the area to create Maho beach again. The DUTCH are known to gain land from the sea.
Steven Williamson 6
They just need to get rid of the concrete wall people keep getting blown into. If they lost any sand, I bet it gets replaced pretty quickly.


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