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Trainee pilot scrapes tail on take off

A commercial flight carrying 134 passengers turned back to Melbourne Airport after the aircraft's tail hit the runway during a trainee pilot's first time at the controls of the airliner. The Jetstar Airbus A320-232 safely made it back to ground on May 11, 2016 after the first officer took over from the trainee, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau found after investigating the incident. "During the climb, the cabin crew discussed hearing an unusual noise during the take off rotation with… ( Ещё...

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andrewcarter747b 4
I thought the A320 jetstar aircraft had trainee wheels attach to them
Colin Seftel 1
sueridge307 -1
No Jetstar carn't speed that much the will fall aprt
James Simms 1
Yep. They come from the factory like that


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