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Passenger Dragged Off United Flight, Airline CEO Stands By Action

A day after shocking video clips emerged of a male passenger being dragged from a United Airlines flight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport by three security personnel, as the airline said it was overbooked, the company’s CEO defended the action. ( Ещё...

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matt jensen 3
C Anderson 2
I will walk before I fly United Airlines.
deafsea 1
United - CHEAP and TIGHT A$$! United COULD have replace it with a bigger plane. That's simple solution. OR why don't they reserve 4 seats earlier... That's another simple.
linbb -1
Good deal passenger should have complied instead of screeching like a girl. That whole show could have been avoided had he acted like a MAN not a child and walked off of the AC then taken it up with someone.

People like him think they are entitled to act like they have every right in the world no matter what and to disrupt like he did is his way of trying to extort money from the airline.

Those on here who think different are the same who cause problems elsewhere thinking they are entitled to do whatever they please as the law doesn't apply to them.


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