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MH370 Found? Searchers Race to New Sites

Dramatic changes in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, first reported in The Daily Beast, have continued in the past 24 hours. The vessel scouring the depths of the Indian Ocean made a high-speed dash on Friday northward to an area recently identified as far more likely to contain the remains of the jet. After making a sweep there, it pressed even further north on Saturday into an area where the seabed had not been previously mapped – normally searches are conducted only where the… ( Ещё...

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linbb 1
So now its a race please post who won.
ffrcobra1 2
The headline writers, of course.
btweston 1
You know, when you dedicate so much of your time to making lame criticisms of news articles it's really you that comes off looking dumb. Take me, for example. Wasn't that a dumb comment?


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