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Delta pilots oppose big regional jets, could be issue for Embraer, Mitsubishi

"... protects well-paid pilot jobs at major airlines, as it prevents the carrier from using bigger planes on outsourced regional routes, which generally pay less well and have inferior working conditions." ( Ещё...

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canuck44 10
This actually makes perfect sense from the pilots' point of view for it is only a matter of time (and retirements) for the weight and passenger count to increase if the companies can get away with it. This will eventually drive wages downward if left unchecked.while at the same time eroding quality in larger aircraft. They have to ask what is next....737's A-329's. I personally don't blame them for holding their positions.
bentwing60 3
You might take a look at the signing bonus, monthly pay for a "Qualified" ex-pat pilot in the orient, middle east, China picture and you can see that the turkeys are gonna come home to roost for U.S airlines. I think the SWA guys got a raise, Cause they could, and tryin to turn a 130 seat jet into a commuter erases the past. That was called a 737-200.
canuck44 2
So true as I have posted before as it relates to many aspects of flying. The 2500 hour requirement creates a whole group of folks who can go to the Chinese airlines immediately and earn a good dollar while filling out their log books in new aircraft.
I have one family who moved to Dalian and he flies 738's for the airline which is a subsidiary of Air China. He makes a great living now, kids go to a good international school and wife is happy (most important). He has resisted offers to go to the mother company as to move up it is almost always long haul rather than being home every night.

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Roy Hunte 1
I was agreeing with the second half of his comment. Cheers.
linbb -9
Real easy as thought there was a shortage of the crybabys so they should have trouble filling seats.

Bottom line is don't like the job either don't work there or find another if you do no different than any other.


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