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Video: Delta CEO Bastian: ‘This isn’t who we are’

Delta CEO Ed Bastian apologizes for the outage this week and explains how they will issue refunds and travel vouchers. ( Ещё...

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matt jensen 2
It is now. Your flight rez and computer systems are antiques. The NWA systems were far superior, but DAL wouldn't use it. You blamed Georgia Power for the outage going on three days when in fact that was a LIE. You're losing frequent flyers by the boatload and you can't figure out why?
scott8733 2
Agreed. Last week prior to this mess, my connection to DFW from ATL was delayed 3-1/2 hrs because a FO wasn't scheduled. Ended up missing an important mtg and I was offered a whopping $100 voucher. And I have diamond status. $100 toward a future ticket doesn't even get me through security.
Roy Hunte 1
I'd say by the plane load, I didn't think Delta had boats! Lol, just pulling your leg! I agree with you.
matt jensen 1
boats carry more and are safer theses days


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