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Man’s golden ticket cost airline $29 million

STEVE Rothstein was once the envy of many. The savvy New York investment banker snapped up the holy grail of air travel back in 1987 — a rare “golden ticket” giving him unlimited first class flights with American Airlines. At the time, it set him back $340,000 — but he made sure to get his money’s worth out of the deal in the years that followed, jetting off to exotic destinations at the drop of a hat. He sat in the most comfortable airline seats, enjoyed the best meals and entertainment,… ( Ещё...

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anthony mchale 3
Nandan Honawar 2
In the year 1987, 340K was big money indeed! This guy cracked a great deal though!
blueashflyer 2
that many flights on American seems like a punishment
zennermd 1
Checking with an online inflation calculator $340,000 in 1987 is worth $727,000 in 2016. roughly a 40x return on investment. Not bad.
anthony mchale 1 A better article same topic.
kelsey kennon 1
Sounds like a lot of sour grapes by some of the commentators to me.


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