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The First Airbus A350-1000 Completes Body Join

The first Airbus A350-1000, the stretched version of the A350XWB family aircraft, has emerged from the Station 40 at the Roger Béteille Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Toulouse, France. ( More...

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Julio Rivera 2
Me gusta
Al Palmer 2
I prefer the 777 as well. Nevertheless, why so much hate and animosity? I thought we lived in a global economy nowadays? I think it's also safe to say that Boeing (and Douglas) learned from De Havilland's mistakes with the Comet...
Jack370 2
The A350-1000 is the longest fuselage version of the A350 family aircraft, and is to seat 366 passengers in a standard three-class layout over 8,000 nautical miles (14,800km). Intended to replace the Airbus A340-600, the A350-1000 comes also as a competitor to the Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 777X.

I prefer the 777. Wonder what took Airbus so long to design one?
BTW, AFAIK, Boeing never paraded around a mid build unpainted aircraft around like that. Wonder what motivated that?
joel wiley 0
They weren't able to steal the plans from Boeing.
John Diehl 0
Mark Poulin -1
It takes a while to reverse engineer an aircraft as complex as Boeing's.
honza nl 2
it took Boeing also many years to reverse engineer the A300 (worlds 1st wide-body twin), the 2-man cockpit of the later A300, the fly-by-wire of Airbus; they even reverse engineered the DH121 for their 727. Only at supersonic airliners Boeing failed to copy it. Was there in fact anything the US invented after the Wright brothers?
RECOR10 -1
"Boeing never paraded around a mid build unpainted aircraft around like that. Wonder what motivated that" - that is a very good point. Not unlike the N. Koreans touting their missile launches...

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You don't go many places do you? I suppose Embraer, Bombardier, and Cessna are on your no-fly list as well.
Ian Deans 5
Yeah...its a typical "if its not American" opinion.
RECOR10 -6
I have a feeling the "Euros" feel the same way. That damn "National Pride" thing ;-)

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Ian Deans 7
Huh? What on Earth are you waffling on about?
Ian Deans 5
Any reason? Stupid statement.
John Diehl 0
No, just stuff like loss of engine control seven miles out on final It was recounted to me that they had to de-cowl and crimp the fuel lines to get the engines shut down. Stupid to me would be getting on one.
RECOR10 -9
No real reason - well, other than the French are involved ;-)
John Diehl 0
My friend say scarebus - and we do agree....
Apparently if you have pride in your nation you are ignorant. Brand preference? Ignorant...then again, Boeing should tariff the bejesus out of all craft and parts sent to any Euro carrier (Being as they are after all government owned). Reality never gets in the way of ignorance about economics however (that and Airbus controls are idiotic in many emergency issues).
Same old anti Airbus crap. America has sold more commercial and military aircraft around the world for decades than anyone else; notwithstanding the fact that Ford, GM and chrysler have owned subsidiaries all over the world. I have said this before.; your commercial aircraft makers have made billions on the sale of military aircraft. My son,an engineer works for Honeywell in Toronto. He worked on the F 22, the F 35, the the A350 and is now on the 777X. Before Honeywell he worked at CAE in Montreal. His last job there was programming the flight controls for a 777 for Japan Airlines. A young friend of mine and I successfully landed this 777 simulator nwhich was ready for customer acceptance. Stop you flag waving with your comments. I could see it coming when I saw the item.
Cade foster 0
Looks like a noticeably narrower body than the B777's. Just an observation from photos.


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