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Branson mulls Virgin America 2.0

Richard Branson, the founder and CEO of the Virgin Group, says he is considering setting up a successor carrier to Virgin America (VX, San Francisco, CA) a week after the airline announced its proposed sale to Alaska Airlines (AS, Seattle Tacoma Int'l) for a total of USD4 billion. ( Ещё...

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jdkasper 11
I recommend it be called "Extra" Virgin Airlines.
chalet 0
Important suggestion as this would avoid some people calling it "Was Virgin Airlines".
Austin Jiang 0
No it should be called extra olive virgin oil
Tim Baker 1
A whole lot off subject but Branson should axe the low orbit rides and fund a amateur trip to the moon's surface(un-manned) If the low orbit gets going it's only going to kill the people stupid enough to trust the technology. The rich know how to make money and spend it but not judge this idea as very risky.
joel wiley 1
I don't understand the position you are presenting. Why focus on an unmanned shot at the moon, which is a simple (if costly) ballistics issue. Accepting your argument on risk, couldn't this be considered to present a Darwin Award scenario for the 0.001%. And the problem with that is?
Tim Baker 1
Private mapping of the complete surface with no censoring of data, then to mars. If there is a fatal low orbital mission it will stop the program immediately, or they could cut the fee in half. That would get new seat fillers on the next flight.
Ruger9X19 1
Sorry Tim, but getting to space is not to difficult. Joe Walker did it twice in the X-15. The problem is sustaining flight there (something Branson is not currently doing). It is a couple miles straight up to "space". Sustained orbital flights are hard because you have to go fast horizontally and that takes a lot of energy. Then the issue becomes slowing down safely.(also takes a lot of energy).

Here is the real scam, you can feel the same weightless feeling on a parabolic flight for much less money. So all that money is being paid for 5 minutes of a slight view of the Earth's curve from really high. Gravity in low Earth orbit is almost as strong as gravity on the surface of Earth. The Space Station hasn't escaped Earth's gravity at all; it's experiencing about 90% the pull that we feel on the surface. To avoid falling back into the atmosphere, you have to go sideways really, really fast.
chalet 1
Looks as if Sir Richard is following the steps of good ole David Neeleman who never tired of founding airline after airline after airline, not less than 3 of them Morris Air, JetBlue and Azul Airlines in Brazil but it must be said in truth that Virgin America enjoys an excellent reputation and why not capitalize on that.
noah spires 1
cant wait for what comes of that airline
Scott Campbell 1
Nultech 0
What Sir Richard needs to ask himself after all is said & done is, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"
Jesse Carroll 0
Richard Loven 0
If he didn't have enough money to have controlling interest and keep the last airline, how is he going to start another one.
Thomas Newman 5
Non-US citizens are prohibited by law from having a controlling interest in a US-flagged carrier. As such, Branson never had a controlling interest in Virgin America to begin with. The decision to sell was never up to him, but rather the board of the company.
joel wiley 2
Maybe he should hire some Panamanian law firm to set up a few shell corporations in America to own controlling interest in his new venture. After the Citizens United ruling they wold be persons and good ol' 'Merican boys.
Lynne Durston 3
I believe as he wasn't a US citizen he couldn't have more than 25% shares and therefore could not block any decisions made by the board.
Ivan Blakely 1
that's his business model - provide his sexy brand and a bit of money while others put up the bulk of the capital.
he did that with Virgin Australia and sold out with good timing and for a nice profit
Richard Loven 0
That's the point I am making. If you aren't a majority shareholder you aren't the big boss. If you want to run the company you should own it all not just part of it.
Jesse Carroll 0
Really, is there no "Non- compete clause" in airline sales?
Matt Clauson 0
News flash - US Flagged carriers aren't allowed to have foreign stockholders as controlling interest. Branson can't legally HAVE controlling interest.
Christian Brutzer 0
I should invest in JetBlue and get a board seat. Then he could push them to move a bit more up-market. JetBlue is the only candidate that is from the business model commercially viable and could adopt the good parts of Virgin US.
djames225 0
Remember this can only happen after Alaska finalizes the deal and gets a single operator certificate....then the craft will be considered no longer a Virgin.
Hugh Somsen 0
The Fallen Airline, or, not so Virgin anymore
Hugh Somsen 0
Hugh Somsen 0
A Cocktail before and a cigarette after?
Jack370 0
Richard Branson is a smart Business guy. He sold an old fleet for 4 billion. He could use that money to finance a completely new Airliner with new Aircraft. It will be interesting to see what he does next.
Christian Brutzer 0
sorry, first word should read : "He", not "I"


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