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Alaska Air buying Virgin America in deal worth more than $2B

Alaska Air Group Inc. is buying Virgin America in a deal worth more than $2 billion, creating a powerhouse airline with an expanded West Coast presence. ( Ещё...

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pilotjag 3
New website launched...
jmilleratp 2
I flew on Alaska once, and the plane was dirty and run down. From that perspective, I wish Alaska weren't taking on Virgin America. VX is going to lose what was great about it.
canuck44 1
Except for inheriting the Virgin America Airbus fleet, this is a good fit for Alaska. VA is essentially an east-west airline while Alaska is for the most part North South. It would not appear Alaska would be forced to give up much although Jet Blue has a history of challenging for slots at slot restricted airports.
pilotjag 0
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Alaska Air Group Acquires Virgin America, Creating West Coast's Premier Carrier

Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE: ALK), parent company of Alaska Airlines, and Virgin America, Inc. (NASDAQ: VA) today announced that their boards of directors have unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement, under which Alaska Air Group will acquire Virgin America for $57.00 per share in cash. Including existing Virgin America indebtedness and capitalized aircraft operating leases, the aggregate transaction value is approximately $4.0 billion. With an expanded West Coast presence, a larger customer base, and an enhanced platform for growth, Alaska Airlines will be positioned to provide more choices for customers, increase competition and deliver attractive returns to investors.
Anussarapan Feijtel -1
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Alaska Airlines homes in on Virgin America

Alaska Airlines (AS, Seattle Tacoma Int'l) is close to signing a USD2.5 billion deal to acquire rival Virgin America (VX, San Francisco, CA) Reuters has reported quoting informed company sources.
MH370 0
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Alaska Air nears deal to buy Virgin America for over $2 billion

Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK.N) is nearing a deal to acquire Virgin America Inc (VA.O) for more than $2 billion, having outbid JetBlue Airways Corp (JBLU.O), a person familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

A deal could be announced as early as Monday, the source told Reuters.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal said Alaska Air had emerged as the likely winner of an auction for Virgin America, citing people familiar with the matter.


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