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Aircraft Tow Vehicle Gets Loose From Airplane Under Tow, Airplane Then Strikes Tow Vehicle

Apparently, this Frontier aircraft at ORD was under tow from a gate to a hardstand when the towbar snapped and the tow vehicle got run over and stuck under the aircraft it was towing. It sounds like a jackkinfe incident to me, speed was possibly a factor (WATCH THE VIDEO, as there was no bad weather in the area at the time, no precipitation, and the runways and taxiways were dry & clear. ( Ещё...

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linbb 1
Wow with the comment from the person submitting it one would think that they were present when the accident took place. But no just from the pictures was able to figure it out, not.
Jose Guillen 1
When you work at the airport as long as I have, you can almost instantly always tell exactly what happened by just looking at the scene...that and I got word from the people involved.


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