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Passenger In Wheelchair Suspected in Somali Jet Blast

Also led to believe he was the passenger blown out the aircraft. ( Ещё...

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D Edwards 3
Guess security checks must be nonexistent in Somali, jets or no jets.

[This comment was deleted.]

Tony Smith 10
Since he only blew himself out the plane, "failing" in his mission to kill infidels, he'll be greeted by 72 crack addicted whores in the afterlife instead of 72 virgins.
Ed Blanchard 2
Hey, Tony! You read my mind. This idiot reminds me of the so=called "underwear bomber". Now THAT would leave a mark!
Martin Haisman 1
He will be greeted by 72 nuns
deafsea 2
Where did they put the wheelchair in that tight space? Also, was the wheelchair gone?
Marcos Aurélio Lettrari de Moura 1
Weelchair normally goes to lugage compartment.
we went into seats as other passengers.
Jim Heslop 2
Ha ha! LOSER! Looks like his wheelchair came with its own ejection seat!
Mike Mohle 1
"Chair" might just be a ruse to try to avoid screening.....
Cklane2009 1
He "Sucked" at his mission!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Martin Haisman 2
You mean the ones that are terrorists.
Marcos Aurélio Lettrari de Moura -2
How a weelchair passenger goes to a place so distant of the door and so difficult to access (including for non handicaped persons).
People who uses weelchais have to much dificults day by day to deserv new "seccurity measures" in airports.


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