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Great Moments in October Aviation History

Wright Bros. first glider flight; first in-flight fire; first act of sabotage in the air; Boeing Dash 80 sets speed record; United buys Pan Am's London routes, and more.. ( Ещё...

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preacher1 2
I personally think the worst thing in here was the last 757 rolling off the line, bur am glad they thought that notable enough to be included.
Pileits 1
I thought the 757 was / IS one of the nicest narrow body jet airliners ever made. I flew both the passenger version as well as the freight version.
I still don't understand why Boeing stopped making them.
preacher1 1
I feel the same way as far as looks and performance goes, BUT, they just didn't get any orders for them and had to quit. Quite honestly, widebodies and the 737 was taking all over and neither would hold a candle to it in the looks department. Thing is, everybody is wanting them now and the closest thing to a replacement is an Airbus.


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