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Inside the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Cool video of some of the advanced features of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. ( Ещё...

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Clement 0
Where do I go for my ride ?
Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Great to see the aircraft being developed that my young son will be flying after the USNA. Awesome bird. WOW. Sadly a 182 or Bonanza for me but its still flying :)
mdmmsu 0
This is definitely an aircraft that could reach out and touch someone!
Clement 0
Nice to see that our pilots can lock in, take out a target and be gone ... so much faster !!
Donald Deubler 0
This is an absolutly incredible aircraft. It's great to see what talented engineers can design!
John Cotton 0
Gregg Harcus 0
Nice toy for our military. Nice to have but the real question do we need to spend even more money on manned aircraft development. I will vote against any member of Congress that does not vote to reduce out of control military spending
Dennis Falk 0
Jay Stull 0
Did you hear his comment that this is probably the last MANNED fighter.
I'm glad we have the F-22 and F-35 superiority over ALL others!!
Gregg Harcus 0
I remember Ronal Regain who neogtiated with Iran to delay the release of hostages for military parts. I also remember Ronald Regan and the tillions he spent on a star wars anti missle system that still dosn;t work.
Jay what has the superority gained us? The superiority wasnt very usefull on 9/11. Since 9/11 we are still fighting cavemen in the mountains and losing. Spend the money on better police equipment and trainig. Not as exciting or flashy at a shinny F-35 but much more cost effective.
Kara Allen 0
This maybe the best thing that's come around since sliced bread! Yes it maybe expensive, but to have the most STATE OF THE ART aircraft on our side is comforting. WHORAW!!
Ken Martin 0
The USA Airforce is not the only country to have advance aircratf we here in the UK have aircratf to be proud of ie the Typoon and the Tornado GR3 to name a few I am shure these would equal or if not better perform than those mentioned. All the coments posted seemed to be USA dominated, no mention of other countries who have just as good fighter aircraft if not better.
Gregg Harcus 0
Ken you also have great police investigators to help us stop the terrorist. Reqarding superior aircraft from UK. You have out sold us in the middle east but you have to realize our aircraft come with well trained pilots and 1,000's of planes to out last your planes through attrition. :(


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