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American Airlines to bring its Airbus A321s to Hawaii

American Airlines intends to phase out its 757-200s on some Hawaii routes starting in August of this year, replacing them with its 2-cabin A321s while the 757s currently flying to Hawaii will shift to Phoenix. ( Ещё...

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If this story is correct the US Airways 757's being retired are actually legacy America West 757's. Some of them also flew for NWA and RPA. All date back to the mid to late 80's except Tail: N207UW Ship: 207, which is an ex North American 757 built on 2001.

US Airways Phoenix Based 757 Hawaii Fleet:
757-28A N207UW-207 01 Ex. N756NA North American Airlines
757-2S7 N901AW-901 85 Ex. AWE/NWA/RPA N601RC
757-2S7 N902AW-902 85 Ex. AWE/NWA/RPA N602RC
757-2S7 N904AW-904 86 Ex. AWE/NWA/RPA N604RC
757-2S7 N905AW-905 86 Ex. AWE/NWA
757-2S7 N906AW-906 86 Ex. AWE/NWA/RPA
757-2G7 N908AW-908 89 Ex. AWE
757-2G7 N909AW-909 89 Ex. AWE
757-2G7 N910AW-910 89 Ex. AWE
Total: 9
s2v8377 1
Here is a list of American's legacy fleet LAX based Hawaiian market 757's. "Airways" is not the first media outlet to report that AA planned to use some of their new AA legacy A321 aircraft to Hawaii. The other question not answered by the article is do they plan to use their already delivered A321's or are the ones intended for Hawaii yet to be delivered.

Another thing they reported is the fact it would be difficult to maintain a sub fleet of ETOP's A321's. Not really considering American has plenty of experience doing it with their LAX based 757's as well as their 20 Internationally configured 757's used on deep South American and European markets.

N687AA-5DE 93
N688AA-5DF 93
N689AA-5DG 93
N690AA-5DH 93 Flagship Freedom
N691AA-5DJ 93
N692AA-5DK 93
N608AA-5EC 96
N609AA-5ED 96
N183AN-5ER 99
N184AN-5ES 99
N192AN-5FB 01
N193AN-5FC 01
N194AA-5FD 01
Total: 13


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