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Is the flying car about to become a reality?

After decades of various engineers trying to design and build a viable flying car, it looks like this German company may be close to making it a reality. ( Ещё...

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linbb 2
Ho Hum, got to see it on the road and working to the point its something more than
an oddity of science. All are up to this point nothing more than a money pit to
anyone investing in them. Much like the electric airplane, it will fly but not well enough to make it practical. Meaning load carrying, range, and easy to fly.

Torsten Hoff 2
It is a bit funny that they claim a leading position because they have the only flying car currently in a formal certification process. The thing hasn't even flown yet, others are way ahead and have already crashed theirs.
Dave Fisher 1
I would love to have one. What fun!
bentwing60 1


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