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Trouble in the skies

FAA Hiring practices for ATC is putting air travelers at risk. ( Ещё...

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canuck44 7
"Diversity" has never been demonstrated to enhance quality. For the most part it is instituted to placate the grievance industry and is invariably smeared with liberal doses of self-congratulation.

Ironically, those most injured by it are the highly qualified minorities that would have succeeded without these policies as they are now assumed to have been promoted due to their race, gender or sexual preference.
linbb 1
How true as can still remember before race it was if you were married or not.
I was passed over several times due to the fact I was single and didn't need
the money doing the same exact job as a married person did. This was in the
early and mid sixtys.
bbabis 1
Very true. I equate hires based on diversification as unqualified in any other way. Just Tuesday at a nearby metropolitan approach control facility I am sure that I was handled by an "Off the street" hire that had to have been "helped" through the system. It was total incompetence. Hopefully we still have safeguards to weed these individuals out before tragedy strikes, or has the quest for diversity over safety affected those also?


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