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Co-pilot studied suicide methods, cockpit security

The headline pretty well says it all. He wanted to do it and Lufthansa knew about his illness ( Ещё...

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bbabis 4
Absolutely no reason that the aircraft crashed except for the pilot. How will society react this time? Make airplanes more pilot proof? Do away with pilots all together? Of course that only opens up more problems and shifts the killing capability to another job description. The human mind can be evil, sick, or both. When will the emphasis shift to fighting the cause and away from controlling the objects used?
preacher1 4
I just hope that there is not a knee jerk reaction that brings on other problems and some common sense ensues. You can't prepare for everything and from what I saw in USAF back in the day, psycologial testing is a joke as mental illness can easily be hidden
Ric Wernicke 1
I think part of the problem here is privacy laws that shield people from losing their medical ticket. Mental health professionals can weed out people like this murderer, and did, but EU privacy laws prevented that information flowing to the airline. I bet 149 people on that plane would have wanted those laws repealed.

I want the pilots to be the happiest people at the airport. Well paid, sensible schedules, and be allowed to just "fly the airplane."

What occurs now would test the mettle of anyone.

I would ask that in the meantime all cockpit doors be bolted, and human needs be provided for in that area for the pilots.
joel wiley 2
We seem to excel at closing doors on empty barns but poor on recognizing horses.
BaronG58 2
What's surprising to me is the FO looked up the cockpit door security info. One would think that somewhere in training the do's and don'ts for the door would be taught.
joel wiley 2
Lack of experience with low hours?
ADXbear 0
This was an inexcusable mistake by the airline... one that I certainly hope will never be repeated again..RIP to the families and crew


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