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Oops: US Close-Air Support Bomb Doesn't Fit on the F-35

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will not receive the software package required to operate the Pentagon’s top close-air support bomb until 2022, according to military.com. The article also stated that the JSF office already had discovered earlier that the precision-guided air-dropped Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) does not fit onto Joint Strike Fighter Marine Corps variant without modifications to the aircraft’s weapons bay. (thediplomat.com) Ещё...

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joel wiley 6
When I looked vote tally was -9. Looks like someone called in an airstrike on this squawk. We can be sure it wasn't delivered by the F-(up)-35
preacher1 6
Just because it's another glorious failure of our multi-billion dollar hunk of junk don't mean that you kill the messenger. Pump it up and broadcast it to the stars.
preacher1 2
Tom Pera 1
kill the program... we've been fooling around with this plane for over 10 years... it still doesn't work AND we've allowed our enemies 10 years to get ready for it...
iflyfsx 2
You can't. These programs are designed so that they will keep bleeding money even if they are a complete failure. It's our money, so what do they care?
Toby Sharp 1
joel wiley 1
If so, they're getting a lot of exercise with dope slaps on this plane.
preacher1 1
And this is gonna be the CAS replacement for the A10? I think a big part of the problem is that these guys controlling all the money to build this thing have no idea what CAS is. Maybe the need to get out of the office and in theater for awhile or at least talk to the Junior Senator from Arkansas who just happened to be over there a couple of times as a ranger and officer.
preacher1 2
Young and brash they are calling him but he earned his gonads.


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