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WWII wreckage raised from lake

The wreckage of a World War II plane that disappeared roughly 70 years ago is being hauled out of a Canada lake. ( Ещё...

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Dan Chiasson 8
In true Canadian style, the recovery of the aircraft was done with dignity, respect, and muted ceremony. When the chap from the recovery society mentions "with all that happened in Ottawa", he is of course referring to the quasi terrorist act in Ottawa (murder of reservist standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa and the subsequent storming of parliament. That event followed another earlier in the week when a deranged extremest ran down two soldiers in Quebec with one succumbing to his injuries. As a note; an online effort to raise money for the two families was set up and had targeted a total of $10,000. Net result , , , $700,000. RIP.
Roger Hallett 3
Leighton Elliott 2
My cottage is in that area and I have read much of this history through out the years. There was also a German POW camp in Gravenhurst at the south end of Lake Muskoka during WWII and remember reading stories of 2 escapees and how they were caught in the area.
David Ronan 2
Bernie20910 2
I've fished that lake. Nice area.
Scott Campbell -2
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