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The 747 story ( Video )

Great video history of the design and operation of this Amazing aircraft and the people who built and flew her. ( Ещё...

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Navy65 2
The greatest airliner ever built! I was on a Seattle layover 3 days before the first 747 was delivered. The Captain had arranged for a Boeing tour while on the layover. One of the recollections was the 40 747's sitting on the ramp at ____ airport awaiting delivery. PAA, TWA, BOAC, AirFrance, Northwest, Lufthansa...I forget who else had new 747's just sitting. I was later privileged to fly N731PA, when it was leased to Eastern Airlines. N731PA was the FIRST 747 in commercial service.
Scott Campbell 2
With 1500 47's built - I don't see any chance of the 380 making it even close to that - technology is changing so rapidly it won't even have the luxury of time to try.
Fast forward to the end for a great ending clip of just the 747 flying - enjoy!
Dee Lowry 2
U.S. Aviation can thank Mr.Joe Sutter and his team of engineers, for giving the B-747-100 a place in aviation history. She was called"the City of Everett". She is parked at the "Museum of Flight" @ Boeing Field in Seattle.
Right now she is being restored to the time when she "rolled out" in 1968. She was known as the "Queen of the skies"! In 1967 she went to the Paris Air Show and she exceeded critics' expectations. My Father was a big part of it's success. Now she's fading. But the 100 is and will always be the "Queen of the Skies".

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Dee Lowry 2
Dad's title was Vice President General Manager of the Airplane Division. When Boeing took #1 around the world to introduce the aircraft, Dad was the "go to" man for the company. He pitched the airplane to the countries of the world. And basically, Dad was the "financial guru" when selling the airplane to the various countries.
Bob Alexander 1
Jeez! They were measuring different perameters, not perimeters! Come on, editors!
Dee Lowry 1
We're not speaking about "editors". We are speaking about how Boeing took a log shot with the B-747 and it worked! Boeing has an unbelievable workforce and they have and will continue to produce the quality like they always have. They listen to "passengers, cockpit crew and Flight Attendants to develop an aircraft that will fly long hauls, short range and will provide profit for the carrier. In my opinion, the A-380 won't meet expectations.


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