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(Video) Key & Peele: Boarding Group 1

A traveling businessman grows increasingly frustrated with the airplane boarding procedure at the airport. Directed by Peter Atencio. From the sketch comedy television show Key & Peele. New episode air Wednesday at 10:30p / 9:30c only on Comedy Central. ( Ещё...

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Earl Vanzant 6
I thought this was going to be a comedy sketch. I didn't realize it was a documentary. Been there, done that.
my computer loads vids slower than the boarding process in Group 1.
David Bartel 1
It isn't your "pooter" it's the server.
I could have ordered this Video from Amazon and it would have been here by now even without the delivery UAV!
Kenneth Schmidt 3
I wish I could vote two thumbs up. Thanks Chip.
Dee Lowry 2
Believe or not...I have seen "Frequent flyers" jump over women and children, elderly, people in wheel chairs...just to get on board. It's pretty pethtic in my book!
Bob Withers 1
Didn't Tina Fey do something very similar on SNL just recently?
Bob Harrington -1
Except this was kinda funny. Tina Fey thinks she can see Russia from central Alaska...
btweston 3
Yeah... You clearly didn't get the joke there.
akovia 2
LOL! Tina has done her job if you confuse "Caribou Barbie of the Arctic", Sarah Palin, with Ms. Fey!
Bob Harrington -2
Liberals are so highly skilled at falling for their own lies:
pettech 1
Love this! It was the first K&P sketch I ever saw, and I laughed til I hurt. Having been unimpressed with MadTV , and having seen KMK host the really dumb Americas Funniest Animals show some years back, I was pleasantly amazed at how talented and clever he truly is. JP is also funny and appealing, and they are an inspired pairing.Wish I'd found
d their show sooner. And no, I'm not being compensated for saying any of this... ( ;


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