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G650 Jet Flipping

A demand for large-cabin private jets has made the market ripe for jet flipping. Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone recently flipped his G650 just weeks after receiving the plane from Gulfstream, resulting in at least a $6 million profit. According to industry insiders, at least two other buyers have flipped their planes and other deals are in the works. Analysts say the G650 is primed for flipping because only about 30 have been delivered since its launch last year. ( Ещё...

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Who wants one of these things after it's been flipped?
matt jensen 1
yeah, after paying more than sticker
blake1023 1
Because certain buyers do not want to wait the 3 years for delivery.
chalet 2
They can always buy my 1954 J-3 Piper Cub, but so far no takers, would it be the upholstery or lack of satellite TV, I don't know; sniff, sniff
Martin Haisman 1
Just update it to a Garmin avionics suite and a JT15D engine
chalet 1
Tried that but the darn thing would not even taxi, forget about getting airborne.
Rico van Dijk 1
Are you selling in the same price range? ;)
chalet 2
I granted a 2-1/2% discount but that is how far I can go
bbabis 1
Supply vs Demand is a sine wave. This one may be near its peak as large-cabin jet producers other than Gulfstream are arriving into the market. Soon 6-7 million dollar losses will be the norm and the buyers and sellers will still be happy.
Martin Haisman 0
The definition of flipping is a slang word usually used in a negative way. Are you out of your flipping mind. Might apply here?


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