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10 Best Airports For Long Layovers

Ten of the best airports for long layovers. (www.emirates247.com) Ещё...

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Just makes me want to be stranded... NOT.
preacher1 1
Only 1 U.S. Airport in that crowd. That ought to tell the rest something
PhotoFinish 1
Yeah, it tells us that we don't have only one major national airport with only one major national airline based out of that one major national airport. That's the typical situation of airports that make such lists.

The US has so much infrastructure spread out over a wide geography, with the investment in that infrastructure similarly widely distributed.

Then there's also the issue that much if this infrastructure was built years before many of the other countries had much significant air travel infrastructure.

The US should not be concerned with making top 10 lists. They merely should concern themselves with whether they are meeting the needs of the traveling public or not. Then making adjustments/improvements in order to meet the necessary demands. At core should be the speedy and efficient passage through the terminals to and from the flights, that the airports were built to serve (including check-in, baggage claim, and security with the minimum time spent waiting on lines). After that (and only after that)should the airports concern themselves with adding all kinds of amenities like restaurants, drinking spots, and shops that travelers will want to patronize, to make travelers actually want to spend time at the airport (as opposed to time stuck at airports spent waiting on lines).


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