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[VIDEO] F-16 Flies without a pilot

Watch a pilotless F-16 take to the into the skies from Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. ( Ещё...

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Gene Nowak 2
This is nothing new. The USAF has used pilotless aircraft from Tyndall AFB since at least the 1970's, including those that would exceed Mach 1 speed.. However, this is the first aircraft that can pull 9G's in a turn, creating a new dimension for the chase plane trying to shoot it down over the Gulf of Mexico.
Peter Steitz 1
Gene is right. The F-102 that I flew back in the 60's was used for target practice from Tyndall. It took off pilotless but was never designed to land. Sigh.
Yvonne Shealy 1
That is awesome! All my years on F-16's it seems odd to see it fly without a pilot.
Pete Boeller 1
Having been to Tyndall AFB as a MA-1 tech on F106's on many ACMI TDY's, it was a tough day when I first saw them used as a drone. But we did our share of shooting at F101's and 102's.
Cole Goldberg 1
Read more here:
"Empty F-16 jet tested by Boeing and US Air Force"
Allan John Kelly 1
Pilot-less F-102, F-106 and F-4 aircraft have flown from Tyndall since the '70, and they have been returning and landing these aircraft if not shot down. Having flown all these aircraft, 7Gs were routine, and 9Gs were certainly possible, as over-G reports will attest to. In fact, they had slow the F-102 down and limit Gs to 5G, so the F-15 could shot it down in early testing. Endless movies of this program at the test squadron at Tyndall. It was very very sad to see aircraft that I flew destroyed this way. Double sighhhhhh.............
Peter Steitz 1
Allan, I flew the Deuce out of Key West Naval Air Station. Late 60's. Later, I was at Tyndall in the T-33 training squadron. Didn't know they could land them too. They weren't doing this stuff when I was there. Good old days.


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