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Premier crash in Indiana

NTSB report details on Indiana Premier Crash with more understanding what the pilots were up against. ( Ещё...

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Toby Sharp 1
God Bless those two at the controls.......sounds like they were havin' a helluva time. Glad the pax lived. R.I.P.
allench1 1
This is why people should not post as was done originally on a typical departure accelerated stall. Having the nose wheel down and the main only partially down is almost impossible to keep on the runway and climb performance is almost nill in that airplane. They were in a tight situation with few outs having lost all electrical and hydraulics. Time unfortunately was against them. RIP guy's you were able to at least get the bottom pointing down and saved that saved the passengers, that took skill to accomplish that low..
preacher1 2
I figured,this being a Premeir, you'd have a comment in here before long. I remember a pretty quick string on it right afte it happened but never commented. I'm like you, they had their hands full and done a good job, bad as it was. Have you heard anything else on that one over at Augusta or wherever over there?
allench1 1
Hey preach as I understand it when they did an abort the landing it was late on the approach and either the gear would not come up or they missed it and could not get up quick enough. 3rd party info from Augusta.


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